Who We Are

The Metropolitan was founded in 1972 by Nolan Petersen, Samantha Westwood and Harry Langmore, together with Terence Prescott, enterpreneur, fond of journalism and literature.

The summer before the publication of the first issue of the newspaper, the founders, finally found the name, just as they were working on setting the editorial line’s details, when Henry Langmore, referred to the essence, imagine and style the newspaper should represent, said out of the blue:

“We will never be a short-sighted local paper, we have to picture what’s in the life of the protagonists and insiders that lives in this city, those people cannot be considered simplistically as New York’s people, as they live in a very extended social and professional environment, thus they travel around the globe costantly, being in touch with different societies, businesses and relations, that’s why we cannot be a boring, plain tabloid like any other..we are the Metropolitan!”

After a lukewarm start, in almost a year, The Metropolitan begun to consolidate its distribution and increased it to 38.000 copies/weekly, since October 1972. The paper today still features the same original, successful and eclectic structure, with sections for news, sports, lifestyle, gastronomy, politics, travel and music.

In 1981, many other journalists joined The Metropolitan, and most of them were students. In 1982, the sold copies in a month were already doubled.

The original newspaper offices were located in the East Village, but in 1987, The Metropolitan moved to its new office in Manhattan at the 575 of Madison Avenue, for a larger office, and it permained there till 2002.

Since 1982, even Pete Hamill, journalist, essayist, novelist and editor, wrote regularly for The Metropolitan as did Football Star Dennis Byrd and other known sportsmen living in New York City.

The Metropolitan dismissed its printed publication in 2014 and now publish just through the present website, reaching thousand of people everyday in the world.

Lars Petersen – Editor in Chief at The Metropolitan