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Electric cars catch fire if there is a flood

Floods cause fires. Didn't you know? Maybe...

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Electric cars catch fire if there is a flood

SocietyElectric cars catch fire if there is a flood

Floods cause fires. Didn’t you know? Maybe because you don’t have an electric car!

During the dramatic flood that hitted the Emilia Romagna region in Italy, the long wave of the flood caused a fire this morning in Ravenna at the Destauto car shop, when an electric Nissan caught fire in self-combustion. The car was in a previously mapped position, as expected, by delivering the documentation about the exact location of the parking space to the firefighters.

The flames were therefore extinguished within minutes. The Nissan fire generated understandable panic among the workers, with tow trucks at work to save what could be saved. The Fire Brigade tried in every way to put out the flames that came from the lower part of the car, but it was a very complicated operation linked to the electric nature of the car. A type of car that after a flood like this, having remained partially flooded for days, must be “reclaimed” by separating it from other vehicles for at least 16 days, but there was no material time to carry out this operation which was on the agenda scheduled for today. Yet another wound from a devastating flood. (Video by Massimo Fiorentini)


Ciò che la TV non dice sull’auto elettrica… (maurizioblondet.it)

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