Dante Alighieri and his timeless teachings know no boundaries: the Divine Comedy translated into the Georgian language and alphabet

Portrait of Dante Alighieri

Last Sunday in Florence, an important international cultural event took place at the Georgian Orthodox Church of Santa Nino, directed by the Archimadrite Father Andria Latsabidze, where the translation, in Georgian prose, of the entire Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri was presented . The author of the complex enterprise (given the difference even in the characters of the two alphabets) is prof. Giorgi Bukhnikashvili, teacher of Italian and English, honorary member of the prestigious Siculo-Norman Academy in Palermo, former editor of the first Italian-Georgian dictionary. At the first presentation of the დანტე ალეგიერის ალეგიერის ღვთაებრივი კომედია კომედია “(Dante Alegieris GvtaeBrivi Komedia) there were a large and attentive public, various Italian authorities, friends such as Paolo Pratelli and numerous Georgian students of the Sunday Community school of the parish. The event was organized by Nina Siboshvili, journalist of Kartuli TV “A literary and informative work, cultural and spiritual, in the common universal Christian tradition, which unites, even more, our Georgian and Italian peoples” commented Luara Nijaradze, head of Georgian national television and of the very popular program “Forum”, dedicated to the various communities of emigrants in the world. This first event will be followed by others throughout Italy, “I have already made contact with the historic Dante Alighieri Institute in Milan and with the Italian Ministry of Culture” anticipated Lali Panchulidze, also a journalist for Kartuli TV.


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