Bugatti Chiron SUPER SPORT – What makes it a 4 Million Dollar Dream Car? – Interview to Andrew Solano – by Lance Williams


Lance Wiliams: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bugatti. You know, here in the headquarter of Mold, time is the place where all the magic originates. Today, I want to show you something special. But before I come to this car, let me show you what we’ve gotten here. Within the following three and a half years, we have presented unique and exclusive cars. The divo successfully reinvented bugatti’s long standing coachbuilding tradition for the modern era, with its futuristic design and its different personality and driving performance. Le Quotidien You are an homage to the era of Arthur and John Bugatti. It is the true definition of automotive, haute couture, the ideal grand tourism. The Centodieci Inspired by Bugatti’s Italian intermezzo at Camp Aureliano a modern interpretation of the EB 110 projecting the fascination of the nineties into the modern age. We also took care of the Chiron family. At its core, the show is the perfect symbiosis of apparent opposites that no other car manages to combine excellence and comfort, materiality and easiness to drive together with absolute performance. But there’s a wide range of performance, a spectrum, and we decided to develop the Chiron into the two extremes of this spectrum. On one side, this year on Pure Sport, a vehicle geared towards maximum lateral acceleration, an uncompromised and pure driving machine with less weight, more downforce and even sportier chassis, sensational acceleration and extraordinarily precise handling. On the other side, the zero Supersport 300 plus smashing the 300 mile barrier as the first road going car ever less drag without losing downforce at high speeds for maximum longitudinal acceleration and top speed. The last three years have been also the most successful ones. In financial terms, we achieved the best financial year of the companies modern history not only once but three years in a row. Our financial strategy has worked out. We are financially rock solid and it allowed us to create, produce and deliver more exciting, unique cars than ever before. In the history of Bugatti, being at the pinnacle of the automotive industry requires a team of dedicated experts acting with teamwork, passion and knowhow. For example, in our ateliers, where knowhow and craftsmanship go into every single Bugatti.

Andrew Solano: Indeed, the production of each Bugatti is a matter of teamwork. Processes are going hand in hand and skills completing each other. Today, we have the most diverse line up in the modern story. We are used to having a huge diversity as not one. Bugatti is like another. We tackle the challenge with determination and enthusiasm. Each new project is a challenge and we are all proud to see the projects come on the life and onto the streets, like our latest model, which we are about to present. The Supersport name was always reserved for the most outstanding performance oriented driving machines, producing a famous line of ancestors with the Type 55 Supersport. Bugatti produced its first Supersport in 1932. So go on to combine thoroughbred racing technology with the comfort of a coupe for the first time. The Bugatti EB 110 Supersport in the nineties set new standards in terms of technology and performance, and it also set a large list of speed records reaching a top speed of 351 kilometres per hour. The venerable Supersport broke the production car speed record with 431 kilometre powers, again making a Bugatti the fastest production car in the world. And in summer 2019 we pushed the limits once more with the Shield Supersport four and Breathless. We were the first to break the 300 miles per hour barrier, reaching an incredible speed of 490 kilometres per hour.

Lance Wiliams: These records were not only achieved by the cars, but also by the drivers drivers who drove the record, but also worked intensively on the development to shape the characters and capabilities of those iconic models. Drivers like Andy Wallace, Peter Andre Ravenhill and Loris McConkey.

Andrew Solano: For me, the super sport has been always the top.

Lance Wiliams: Of the line.

Andrew Solano: I mean, I agree.

Lance Wiliams: But even with the.

Andrew Solano: EB.

Lance Wiliams: 110 gallery 30 years ago in 1991, we did 350 1kph, and the car was really, really, really fast at that time.

Andrew Solano: You think you were fast? Loris But I mean, when you have a look to that car, we went to 431 km average.

Lance Wiliams: Okay, good.

Andrew Solano: Guys, as fast as you were in these cars.

Lance Wiliams: What about the car over there? 490 kilometres an hour. That’s fast.

Andrew Solano: That’s super fast, Andy. But you have to admit, it’s also a special edition.

Lance Wiliams: We couldn’t leave the Zero family without a Supersport, so we set ourselves the task to develop a car next to the limited edition world record car. The Shaw Supersport is visually and technically inspired by the record breaking 300 plus a real gifted character.

Andrew Solano: Can you give us soe detali?

Lance Wiliams: With this Supersport, we are following our long tradition of combining extreme high speeds with absolute excellence. The super sport is the ultimate granturismo offering a whole new dimension of the Bugatti experience. The Sian Supersport concentrates the essence of what we have learnt and developed over the past few years with substantial improvements in all dimensions design, aerodynamics, power delivery and longitudinal performance, optimised for brutal performance in total control and comfort, drag and downforce in perfect harmony to improve performance and stability even beyond 420 kilometres per hour. Now I invite our chief designer onsite to tell us how design and performance go hand in hand.

Andrew Solano: Thank you, Lance. What do you think about its aesthetics?

Lance Williams: The Cheval Supersport is from a stylistic point of view, very much a straightforward example of our Bugatti design philosophy form following performance, or maybe better in this case form following longitudinal performance. So let me take you to a handful of areas on this car behind me where you can actually observe that when you look towards the front of the car, you notice the slightly angrier looking Chiron, and you also notice those kind of voluptuous cheeks left and right in the corners. I think they give quite a sexy automotive stance into the frontal appearance, but they also serve a special technical function. We call them air curtains and they control the airflow around the wheel arch. And it’s extremely important to get those right because every mistake that is made here is pretty much aerodynamic catastrophe then along the side of the car. So that’s why these are very purpose driven and very important for the function of the Supersport. Looking on top of the fender, you see these peculiar venting holes. Now, for cars that go above 400 kilometers an hour. It is crucial and important to keep a neutral balance between downforce and lift around the front axle. And that’s exactly what those holes are controlling. But as you can also see, it is a nice little romantic quote to the EB 110. And when we go a little bit further towards the side, you see a design of our new ultra light aluminium wheel, especially created for the Supersport. But now I’d like to take you towards the rear end of the car where I think that is the most significant and important area of the Supersport. The stylistic heart and soul is without a doubt its character with a long tail sculpture. Now, as you can see, we added some 200 millimeter to the original rear end of the zero, and this is leading to a smaller and reduced aerodynamic tear of end of this car. And this is creating a much better drag coefficient. And that is vital to go with speeds above 400 kilometers per hour. Now, downforce then is less created with the huge wing on top of the car, but much more with the diffuser area. And therefore the exhaust manifold was redesigned all the way towards the outside of a maximum performance diffuser, creating these four vertical pods that you see behind the car. And they are actually one of my favorite details. So in a nutshell, the zero super sports beauty lies really within the raw, authentic translation of its pure technical aesthetics, and they are in balance to something that is stylistically inherent to all modern day bugattis a distinct precious value of its proportional elegance.

Andrew Solano: Thank you so much, Lance, to accept the interview about the Bugatti Cheval Supersport.

Lance Williams: For me it’a just a pleasure to spread the word about something i consider an important form of art combined to technic. So, thanks to you, Andrew!


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