The REinART International Cultural Academy


REinART is a prestigious international cultural academy and also an effective training institution recognized by Italian and European public institutions, which deals with art, fashion, fashion and design. REinART, with a selected and highly qualified teaching staff, organizes cultural initiatives and events, advanced professional training courses for every type of need, aimed at both the public (schools, municipalities, museums) and the private sector (companies, businesses and consortia, associations category, training institutions and organized groups). The different courses have variable and modular duration, they can be organized both face-to-face and online.

The traditional academic system is by now notional, obsolete, incapable of experimenting and getting involved, disconnected from the current world which does not guarantee a “real value” to their qualifications in order to be truly “capable of doing” in the world of work and to be “entrepreneurs.

REinART Academy, is the place where those who want to get involved, those who have decided to break the mold, those who are anti-academic par excellence find their space and are accompanied on this journey by established professionals.

And then there is the Vision of a New Company. a different Future in which Creatives, Artists propose instead different interpretations.


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