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Amedeo Avondet is the founder of Italia Unita. Born in Moncalieri (TO), on 19 January 2001, he obtained his classical high school diploma at the Liceo Salesiano Valsalice. He is currently attending the Faculty of Law at the University of Turin. He worked as a parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament and oversaw the communication of a regional councilor. He has collaborated with various newspapers and is currently a correspondent for the RRN News Agency.

Italia Unita is a political organization under development, the project started on 13 May 2022. Among the first objectives is the recovery of national sovereignty through the exit from the European Union and NATO.

“Modeled on what United Russia has done in the Russian Federation, we intend to favor self-employed workers, freelancers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs through decisive tax exemption and debureaucratization. Similarly, we intend to solve the problem of falling birth rates by adequately supporting Italian families.

All this without undermining social justice, to be preserved by adequate health and education programs” Avondet said.

Below is an excerpt from the Interview by Marco Rigamonti to Amedeo Avondet, the full content of which is available on the MSE Movimento Sociale Eurasia YouTube Channel

MR: Good evening, welcome back. We are with Amedeo Avondet who is the representative and leader of United Italy. Welcome Amedeo.

AA: Thanks, good evening.

MR: Amedeo is a law student in Turin, he is the Council’s Student Representative in his own section, and he is also a journalist and foreign correspondent; as he was therefore also a European Union parliamentary assistant.

Amedeo, we are in a particular period of our history because, as we always said, we need to find the balance to apply quick resolutions on very, very hot topics and about this I would like to ask your opinion. Let’s start, what do you think are the country’s political priorities in this particular historical juncture?

AA: I do believe prominent priorities would be to intervene on indirect taxes such as VAT, for example by lowering it and to favor both consumption in a period in which inflation is unfortunately galloping, and above all to favor the middle and lower classes because in this way, lowering taxes, could transversely increase their salaries and their purchasing power.

So in particular, I am referring to VAT and excise duties on fuel; unfortunately the financial maneuver on fuel will lead to dramatic price increases for all families, especially for those who cannot afford a house in the center of the city. So this would be an important first measure to promote. Subsequently, it is important to lower the tax wedge to increase wages net and this is already something that could be done.

Another thing I criticize about the maneuver is the fact that the Flat-Tax was made only for professionals, for VAT owners and not for employees, so if we have an employee who earns €80,000 as a VAT owner, he will find himself paying about 47% of taxes being an employee, against 15% of a professional so this in my opinion, as a law student would also be something unconstitutional because it goes against Article 3, which is the principle of equality among citizens. And furthermore, our Constitution says that everyone must contribute to the expenses of the State according to own possibilities, not on the basis of the profession they practice, so this is a point of the maneuver that I contest from an economic and ethical point of view. Another thing that I dispute is obviously the sanctions against Russia because I am in constant contact with many entrepreneurs who suffer because of these sanctions and above all, we will have a big problem, in December, when diesel coming from Russia will be sanctioned, and import percentage will get increased from 40% to 44% of our total requirement and we haven’t found replacement suppliers of this Diesel yet, but from the new year it will be sanctioned, so this will generate a shortage in the market and this will lead to a further increase in prices; among other things, Diesel, we recall that it is needed not only for SUVs or private cars, but above all for TIRs, for heavy vehicles, so this will further increase the prices in the family shopping cart and above all will create problems also for the agricultural diesel and for industrial machines.

Then there will be the big Lukoil problem. Lukoil in Sicily has a refinery that employs more than 10,000 people, an together with related industries it represent almost the 20% of GDP of the Sicily Region, which is already a problematic region, due to historical events and economic problems, so if we take away 20% of GDP all in a sudden and 10,000 workers will find themselves unemployed overnight, it will be a devastating blow to our economy. Furthermore, a large part, a good part of the crude oil, is refined there and then becomes the petrol we use every day in whole Italy. And above all, it is not clear why it must always be Italian citizens who pay consequences of sanctions and why these sanctions are always favoring, as we see for example, the Americans who are doing gold business with LNG, while instead we now have various supply problems.

MR: So, essentially, we should quickly set aside this stubbornness, of refusing to realize that our natural geopolitical interlocutor is Russia, precisely because of the resources it provides us, since our economy has developed to such proportions only and solely due to the convenience of the Russian resource supply.

AA: Low-cost raw materials, including aluminium, sulfur and all those rare earths arrive punctually from Russia and China and it cannot be developed or maintained any industry, not even the most basic ones, without these resources, because by now the CHIPS for which rare earths are needed are also in cars and in fridges, so this will be a big problem not only for smartphones, but also for the production of the essential things, which we must use every day for a living.

Amedeo Avondet’s former experience in Fratelli d’Italia

MR: Absolutely yes and then, as you rightly said Amedeo, if we have a developed industrial and economic industry like the current one, it is precisely thanks to this low-cost resource, and the cessation of supply at the usual prices, will unavoidably turn in a sudden collapse of the economy and commerce, that will also cause an inevitable social domino-like collapse in parallel, because these people who were used to trading and buying, find themselves at this point without having any more income and without any customer suddenly. And this will happen so quickly that we won’t even have the time to find any effective remedy.

I think this problem is unsolvable as long as we are inside O.T.A.N. , because we being reduced to pawns, in a conflict which is the antithesis of our interest and in which we are used essentially as vassals. What do you think about it?

AA: We are obviously for the exit from O.T.A.N. it is written in our site and in our program. On the site there is also a brief biography about me and all the useful informations. Soon will also be present the list of our regional coordinators.

From the site you can see who is part of the party, so that everyone can have both the references to contact them and know who these people are, of whom I am very proud. Having said that, it has been written from the beginning on our site that we are against our permanence inside NATO also because it is not clear, in addition to the economic problems, why a foreign power such as the U.S.A. – and I say this without hostility towards the americans – they must have between 17,000 to 30,000 soldiers at their bases on our territory, in places which are considered extraterritorial and in an alliance which in fact does not appear reciprocal, because it does not seems to me that Italy has bases with extraterritoriality within the United States, therefore it is clear that it is a vassalage relationship, and may i say a cultural occupation also, since we also have some things of american culture that I consider not compatible with our and that have been imported, like Woke culture, Gender and all these things, which we are very opposed to, as I strongly believe they are so harmful and above all, i find so harmful the economic influence, which is terribly dangerous, because when there was Trump, let’s remember that there were no problems, putting sanctions on our steel, so allies yes, but not always in a perfectly balanced and reciprocal way. Same perspectivee we should apply to the European Union, if you are inside a thing in which you have no influence or decision-making power, but you are passively subjected to it, then it is better to leave and stay on your own, as try to make new trade agreements. Among other things, this does not mean being against United States, nor does it mean having acrimony or hostility towards its citizens of course.

MR: I agree with you on your vision regarding Italy’s permanence in O.T.A.N. , especially because alliances and partnerships, to be defined as such, must be based on an honest relationship of recognized equal dignity, which is impossible if some countries are forced to permain in positions from which they can get blackmailed, intimidated or forced by others to obey.

Italia Unita – Official Website

Full Interview to Amedeo Avondet


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