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Electric cars catch fire if there is a flood

Floods cause fires. Didn't you know? Maybe...

Suicide Breviary – One more effort, if you want to be all the way a progressist

While the italian newspaper "La Repubblica" devotes...

United LGBTQ+ & Satans of Benetton

It will now be 40 years since...

Tag: Georgia

From Georgia a song of culture and a message of peace to the whole world

A great concert of traditional Georgian music took place in Kutaisi, the second largest city in Caucasian Georgia. The important international cultural event, entitled...

Dante Alighieri and his timeless teachings know no boundaries: the Divine Comedy translated into the Georgian language and alphabet

Last Sunday in Florence, an important international cultural event took place at the Georgian Orthodox Church of Santa Nino, directed by the Archimadrite Father...

Hand in Hand for Georgia

An evening of culture and entertainment, under the banner of Georgian Caucasian traditions, the one that took place last Sunday in the Florentine theater...

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