European citizens terrorized by immigrants: self-defense courses begin to defend themselves against violence


It seems to be common perception in Europe, that the member countries in the EU has been falling into a kind self-destructive vortex, which is sweeping away the beautiful and safe, european civil society, replacing it with a chaotic, multi-ethnic, far-west like society, that the institutions, appearantly in bad faith, seems to do not want to recognize as such, because its development in this sense, seems to be very functional to many private interests, which have now clearly and irreversibly corrupted governments and the political class.

Robberies, sexual violence and all kinds of private violence have now risen to exponential
levels. If before 2000 sexual violence was the subject of a two-hour special on TV News, today we have several rapes a day and almost all of them are attributable to immigrants.

People are afraid and the state is knowingly complicit and strategically absent.

For these reasons, in Austria, in the city of Linz, the first self-defense course is being held precisely in response to this crazy escalation of scenarios of savage urban violence, in which we see barely literate Africans and Moroccans, running around with machetes and handguns in the daylight.

The President of the Association that organizes these seminars is Matei Florin, whose curriculum lets us understand the depth of the initiative, at the same time marking a precise phase of a historical moment, in which the citizen is called to react and defend himself on his own, now that it
is openly abandoned by the State and the Institutions, which have chosen other “children”, intended as any individual belonging to an ethnic group not originally from the european countries. The same obviously happens in the United Kingdom, in France, in martyred Sweden, in Denmark, in Germany, in Austria itself, in Holland and so on.

Matei Florin has 9 years experience in Romanian Police and in Police Special Forces, he is a professional boxer registered with GBO, Geman Boxing Organization, he is specialized in close quarters battle, high risk arrests, riot control and close protection.

Specially trained to intervene in high-risk events such as kidnappings and urban warfare.

Matei Florin has conducted anti-piracy and counter-terrorism missions in HRA (High Risk Areas)
as well as led and managed Armed Security Teams deployed in Maritime Operations for both commercial vessels and private vessels in Indian Ocean HRA (High Risk Areas), Arabic Sea, Gulf of Aden and Mozambique Channel.

The following interview was made by Marco Rigamonti to Matei Florin. The Metropolitan published it just as we received it, without any change or cut.

MR: Good evening everyone. We are here with Matei Florin, president of the Tactical Combat System, an organization that provides training in tactical training, but also in self-defense, both for civilians and for police or special forces.

Tactical Combat System has started a new initiative that will be called Tribe 13. There is already a YouTube channel, which is very, very technical, full of highly usable and precise content.
In this interview we want to show this work, because I think it is extremely valuable especially in this historical moment in which there are many people interested in self-defense, above all because of what is happening in Europe while the institutions, intentionally, are no longer able to protect people, but only to protect interests that are not of citizenship.

For more than twenty years we have been undergoing a wild migration that was simply unthinkable before 2000. But after joining the European Union, we now have a situation where everything is falling apart, with no apparent remedy, the situation being perniciously fueled by political and institutional corruption.

So, Thank you Matei, for being here with us. Can you give us an explanation of, first, what Tactical Combat System is, then go through the Tribe 13 project?

MF: Thank you all so much for inviting me. So, basically, Tactical Combat System is a combat system, which is the same used by armies and special forces, which I learned, having worked more than ten years as a special police operator and then another four years in high-risk areas, maritime security, and anti-piracy missions.

Throughout this period, I logically had direct contact with violence, and it was from then on, that I began to conceive a project in my mind, which then took shape in the Tactical Combat System, which today is a system that I am teaching to civilian and military law enforcement and security personnel, which includes training in different types of skills, including combat tactics, firearms tactics and training, as fighting with blades, or how to handle combat trauma and the first medical aid.

Matei Florin

So it’s not just about combat activities, but also about how to save lives, including your own and that of our loved ones. It’s about how to be able to do basic trauma medicine, when someone has massive bleeding.
By the way, when someone has an accident it’s not always due to a violent confrontation, but they can also be everyday accidents, which can involve serious trauma, which requires rather solid survival skills to be managed.

With Tactical Combat System, you also learn how to survive in the wilderness, building a fire, a shelter, preparing for the tough days, perhaps in the event of blackouts or riots, where looting can take place and you find yourself isolated from every help.

So basically, our tactical combat system is a project that has been open also to civilians to give them the right knowledge so that they can develop the skills to protect their lives and to protect those around them, as their families and their communities.

For the last six years I have been teaching our tactical combat system around Europe, through seminars and courses. So, in all this time, I’ve been developing a good method to make civilians who are not used to violence, to get this kind of skill.

So I developed this system wondering how to make these people trained in a sufficiently short time so that it could be used by the average civilian who does not have much time to devote to this type of activity every day, having the routine already busy every day from their work, from family, and from other interests, which make it difficult to train 2 or 3 hours every day.

In order to understand how this system can be made usable, I must clarify that Special Forces operators are “special” particularly in their ability to master the basics. So we’re not talking about learning extremely complicated things, but we’re talking about being excellent at executing the fundamentals of the combat techniques. So what I teach people and other instructors – because we are a group of experts, it’s not just me – are the basics so that the individual in a short time can learn to stand up for himself and fend for himself, developing the ability to give an effective response in a violent confrontation, such as being able to stop a bleeding, or to survive in the wilderness.

So basically, to outline the program, we use modules.

Imagine a short four-day bootcamp, five days of intensive training, and everyone is organized in progressive levels. In this type of training, we can bring someone who has no experience in dealing with violence to acquire the basic skills to be able to do it.

To do this we work by placing the person in different types of scenarios, characterized by stress and pressure factors, because the experience of violence in the gym, perhaps in a competitive context, is a different thing, compared to violence found on the street, that is quite another, as there are no rules or limits to protect you.
Therefore the person is put under stress and pressure, combined with physical effort, through different types of schemes that simulate what would happen in a real situation, in which obviously there is also an increase in heart rate, an increase in the volume of breathing, the adrenaline flowing in the body, dealing with the so-called “tunnel vision”, which could make you vulnerable and all these things that affect your response in a fight, leading to “freezing”.

MR: Yes, it is essential that people understand what you are saying, because it is very important to understand that self-defense is not just something technical, because there are also athletes who have done, for example, Boxing even for 2 or 3 years and they actively compete, then, when they find themselves fighting in the street, some of them risk getting stuck and succumb only because they get stuck, and this happens because when they are faced with real violence, against people who get really angry and don’t set limits in the violence they want to do, they feel that it is no longer manageable on the level they are used to and they may end up not being able to deal with that situation, even if “on the paper” they would be able.

Flyer of a Tactical Combat System event in Italy

So it is very important to give anyone the tools to use even in extreme situations, what they know, because even if several athletes are very strong in the ring, if they don’t have that type of training, it is not sure that they will be able to express themselves in combat at the fullest when a situation becomes dangerous for true, with people who are used to violence every day, to the point that it is the most natural thing for them.

So, what about how the course is structured, Matei?

MF: From the three modules illustrated, one can already understand the foundations on which the Tactical Combat System program is articulated.

Naturally, more advanced modules are reserved for advanced students with many years of experience; those advanced modules allow you to continue the training and keep what you have already learned in practice.

We have developed different training approaches and systems, where we give our feedback to our students, or to the group of people we are training. So every time the coordination with the instructors is always dynamic and ready to get updated.

The instructors, are able to manage, in its uniqueness, any person who wants, with sincere self-sacrifice, to embark on the path of the warrior – I want to specify that it is not just about physical training – we are doing a combination of breathing exercises aimed at maintaining and balance emotions.

Something that could soon be indispensable in this social and urban framework that seems increasingly, hopelessly, adrift.

Visualization exercises such as NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) are among the things that will help a civilian, who up until now has had no contact with violence, to prepare his mind for what may happen.

MR: Okay. This is very, very important. It very often emerges that in this, there is also a philosophical and spiritual factor that can really help to perfect oneself, because this is something that drives one to transcendence, therefore to go beyond one’s limits..or at least beyond those limits that we have the ability to perceive as such..
In this regard, I would like you to explain what you have told me about your vision from a philosophical and ideological point of view, about this project. You know, why am I asking you this? Because I think that in this current moment, what society needs is to rediscover its origins, from an anthropological and social point of view, even before anything else.

The so-called “progress”, which makes life, in some aspects, very easy and comfortable, asks us for an enormous and disproportionate price to pay, the consequences of which inevitably affect our health and the quality of our life.

This “inclusive” society is a total fraud.. those who are obese and sedentary on the whole are not well and are not exercising any freedom, other than that of self-destruction..

But if we look at animals, like a cat, a dog, etc….we see that animals, from the first day of life to the last, they run, jump, live with risks and have a very exciting life and it is for this that they are healthy, until the last day of life. At least most of them are very healthy, especially the cats, who live, you know, on the streets and are very, very healthy.

People today are not so healthy physically and even less psychologically, precisely because of their habits. Then they become unhappy and depressed because they don’t live healthy lives, get their body chemistry compromised, gain weight, and don’t like themselves anymore.

In view of this, why should we not rediscover our potential? Because we can defend ourselves against all this, but also to be able to defend ourselves and our families when the situation requires it, given that home invasions by immigrants who come to rob homes are increasingly frequent, even those of ordinary people, because they are the least protected by security systems.

When you are attacked in your own home and you can’t call anyone, you can only think about getting out on your own, and this is a fact, not a mere opinion, because the alternative is to rely on the aggressor’s leniency.

Matei, can you explain to our readers and listeners your vision through a philosophical point of view so that people can understand your perspective in this sense as well?

MF: Of course, gladly..basically, Tribe 13, this project is based on the concept of tribe, as the name suggests. Essentially a meeting place for people with the same vision, who live driven by the same values.

This is very important because it takes us away from the individualism of which the new generations are victims and brings us back to the concept of family and group to which we belong, according to very clear and defined criteria.

The individual, even if prepared, will never be as strong as a cohesive group, nor will he be able to generate the same resources. So, when you have a community or a group that thinks the same way, each individual has clear ideas on how to set up to prepare to do their part and thus be able to defend their life, their family, their community, therefore to protect his tribe from the people he is fighting against.

So if you want to learn how to defend yourself, it’s not just about learning how to fight, I’ll give you an example: let’s say I now know how to stop massive bleeding by myself, even if the ambulance is late a few minutes i can do it on my own, and this could be crucial in an emergency situation, because if no one present knows how to stop the bleeding, the person could die if ambulance is late.

For these reasons, the question concerns people not only as individuals, but as the vision that people have together, as members belonging to a specific group, which shares a set of knowledge and values.

This path necessarily leads to the sharing of a clear and vivid perspective, in which a group of people who share the same beliefs and the same opinions regarding this society, create value to be applied in everyday life and to be transmitted to the younger generations, so that they grow strong and no longer indoctrinated by the mass media through their tablets, or addicted to their phones, because this kind of generation that won’t be able to be strong, if they don’t change route very fastly, will succumb to the imminent confrontation with different ethnos who are coming here with the purpose of settle here by force, outside the law.

So by training, learning and joining forces, even morally, we can successfully spread this kind of vision to the next generation, creating stronger men, in some ways, very similar to warrior monks, Knights Templars and other types of knights, samurai or other types of warriors of the past, who were not only strong physically, but were strong, firstly, in their behavior, in their mind, in their way of controlling their emotions and being able to keep their word in front of someone, and above all, they was not used to lower their head!

MR: That’s what I immediately liked. When I heard you lay out this vision, because through Tribe 13, anyone can experience something that is by large, rare today, for the average european citizen. Like the experience in a boxing gym, which is like being in a family, where you help each other to improve and to participate together in tournaments and train in sparring.

I think this project is extremely valid, because it is organized in such a way as to guarantee a cascading result on the whole group. You see that what you are doing is precious, because it educates people to responsibilities…sometimes even very serious responsibilities, but that they are what make us men, especially considering that today people are rewarded, pushed and educated to avoid responsibilities, rather than make it a point of honor and it is precisely this that educates to vulnerability and immaturity. Nothing can be built without sharing and accepting responsibility, not even for yourself, because you need responsibility to become a man, to become someone other can rely on. So in that sense, I really think it’s so valuable to have a project like this going on. And I would like to ask you, in which cities in Europe, is the possibility to join this project and how can they contact you and in which website to join this initiative now?

MF: So basically there are multiple variations where we’re delivering our course and our programs. They can be individuals or groups…if the request comes from a group, the seminar can be done in the city of the applicants, but even if they are individuals who want to join on their own, we can arrange individual intensive courses. So this is related just to the will of the person.

We are located in Linz (Austria), so here people who are close or relatively close, can reach us quite easily and attend courses, as much as possible, in relation to their time limits.

Aware that people don’t have much time to travel and book flights, whether we travel, we do a pre-interview, to establish all the things of that particular training program, to determine the type of training they need.

MR: So at the end of the course you get a qualification, either in your city or if you organize a travel, it is possible in the city of Linz, to obviously attend the course and then obtain the release of the qualification. Is it right like I said?

MF: Yes. Qualification. It’s a certification that we provide with the seminar, we also have a special one, for example, for trauma, when we talked about trauma medicine.

The qualification is also recognized internationally. So it’s not just valid in one place, because I’m an instructor and ambassador for this great campaign, called “Stop the Bleed.” So the certificate they will receive, concerning, for example, trauma medicine, is an official certificate that has international value, with registration and serial number.

As for combat and the blade, the certificate is given by our company, Tactical Combat System, and it is not a qualification with which to look for work, but a certification of what they have learned and in what period.

MR: So a certificate for the purpose of putting the awareness of having reached a certain level of preparation.

MF: Certainly. Of course yes. We have certification with level 1, 2 and 3 to get you started. So it’s a gradual thing, it’s a certification that demonstrates their commitment, vrification of their learning process and their ability at that level, issued by our company.

MR: Ok. What are the websites we can now show? because you know we will show this interview and so we need a website to show where people can get in touch with you.

MF: There are two websites. One is for tactical combat system, and it is, the other is

MR: Okay. We are passing the addresses in the overlay..thank you so much Matei for being with us! I think you already know how much respect I have for you and for this project. Hope to see you back very soon so we can talk about how Tribe 13 is developing!

MF: Thank you very much, Marco. Thank you!

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