United LGBTQ+ & Satans of Benetton


It will now be 40 years since the Benetton brand, an italian clothing brand and foundation, obsessively pushes and promotes the so-called “multiculturalism”, racial miscegenation together with globalism and certainly could not refrain, in line with this orientation, from now promoting Satanism, adoptions from homosexuals and transsexuals, the transgenderism itself and all the polluting poison of the LGBTQ+ subculture.

It is certainly no coincidence, if the Benetton foundation was at the center of alarming controversies on pedophilia, when a school in Rome was seen delivered “works” of art with explicit pornographic content, which aroused the righteous fury of parents, who logically demanded explanations.

Inside these books given as gifts to children, there are not only stylized penises, anuses and vulvas, but actual explicit images, some “three-dimensional”, complete with textual pornographic equipment, explicit invitations to oral sex that leave no nothing to the imagination, so the case of the “Benetton porn books” broke out in Fiumicino.

Some angry parents raised him who, realizing the sexually explicit content within what was supposed to be a prize supply to the school for having participated in competitions on the centenary of Gianni Rodari, returned the books to the school.

Some images inside the books delivered to elementary and nursery schools by the Benetton Foundation

Books contained in an 18-metre truck containing 9,000 volumes from the catalogs of the Imago Mundi Collections, a non-profit contemporary art project born from an idea by Luciano Benetton, to be distributed to local schools.

“We are preparing questions at all levels – explains D’Intino – both parliamentary and municipal, to understand who granted the authorization to distribute this type of book to such young pupils, and who checked the content of the same”.

In the meantime, a tussle has broken out on social networks, with dozens of indignant interventions not so much and not only for the content of the works themselves made by artists, but for the fact that the books could have reached the hands of elementary school pupils, and even of the nurseries.

The guarantor of Fiumicino’s childhood, Antonella Maucioni expressed herself as follows: “A very serious fact. Clarify responsibilities” and again: “The protection and defense of the rights of girls and boys must always take first place in the values of a community”.

Benetton advertising images

“What would seem to have happened yesterday in some schools in Fiumicino, i.e. the distribution to children of books containing explicit sexual references requires, due to its evident seriousness, immediate investigation to clarify and ascertain facts, circumstances and responsibilities”.

This is what the guarantor for the rights of children and adolescents of the municipality of Fiumicino, Antonella Maucioni, declares in an official note.

“The protection and defense of the rights of girls and boys – continues the Guarantor – must always take first place in the values of a community, and is entrusted to adults who must supervise with extreme attention and responsibility because these rights must always be fully applied”.

“In the hope that such reprehensible and incredible facts, if confirmed, will never happen again, I appeal to all adults because the future of our children is in their hands” – concludes Maucioni.

Benetton advertising images


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